Arctic Blast!

The last month or so has been pretty interesting with all of the snow in New England. A lot of people seem frustrated with the weather, but these winters are what we've come to expect in this part of the country. It can be a little discouraging knowing these mounds of snow are going to be here for what seems like an eternity, but it's also pretty exciting to see the consistency of this whole thing. It seems that just about every Monday we're hit with some new pile of fluff from above.

I guess what has made this winter a little more enjoyable than some of the long, cold winters of the past is the adventure that has been given to me. I moved to Providence from Boston a little ways back, so this is my first winter in this city. I really love Boston, as I enjoy meandering through the streets and find it to be a tremendous walking city. I'm still trying to get a feel for Providence, however. I like it here, but I haven't yet developed a deep connection with this place. The storms are beginning to change my feelings. I've seen what normally appears to be a quiet city, finally come to life. It's been so great to see people snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing (see below), and out walking on the streets during and after the storms. I've also seen people opening up more by smiling and saying hello, something we should all do anyway, but doesn't seem to happen in this part of the country too often. This place is starting to grow on me!

Each of these arctic blasts has provided anyone who is interested with the aforementioned adventure. My muse (Angie) and I have gone on countless, mostly nighttime walks through the untouched snowy streets of the city, just sliding along and playing. No cars on the roads, walking in the streets and abandoning sidewalks is a really fun way to continue to discover a new city. I'll be happy when the warm weather arrives and we can get back to hiking and enjoying the rest of the outdoors, but for now, I'm going to make the most of these snowy adventures.

Sometimes I bring a camera along for these journeys. Here are a few photos. Enjoy the day! -Josh

song of the moment: "Happy Idiot" by TV On The Radio