Black & White New Orleans

As some of you may know, I'm getting married soon (sorry ladies ... ha!). In honor of this occasion, my two brothers threw me a brothers-only bachelor party. They told me to pick a U.S. city and they'd fly me there. I chose New Orleans. (If you happened to not have read the title of this blog entry, you just got pretty excited. If you did read the title, you were like, "Yea dude, we know, keep telling the story or show some photos or somethin'.") I'd never been to NOLA and this seemed like a great chance to check it out. So, we all flew down from our different cities a few weeks back and had a really fun few days.

I didn't know too much about the city before traveling down, but we explored a lot of it and I really took a liking to it. It's a great walking city with music all over the place and tons of character. There are a lot of great cities in this country, but New Orleans is pretty high up on my list now. I brought a camera along for the trip and found N.O. to also be a great city to photograph, particularly for black and white images due to the historical feel you get from much of the city. Thanks to Nick and Chris for showing me a good time. It meant a lot to me. Here's just a few photos.

We went to a swamp too, so there may be a gator post coming to the blog soon. Keep an eye out. Enjoy the day! - Josh

song of the moment: "Your Mama Don't Dance" by Rebirth Brass Band