Corporate Life

A lot of my work comes from people looking for something personal like family photos, weddings, dogs, etc., but I also work with businesses and meet some really nice people.  Oftentimes people get stigmas in their heads about certain types of photography and assume that one type is better than another.  I don't feel that way.  Getting to work with a camera and meet interesting people that I would normally not get to meet is a pretty rewarding experience.  So weddings, or product photography, or fashion/editorial photography are all fun and challenging, but I enjoy meeting the people at the offices I go to as well.  They always seem to educate me on a whole new world that I might not have much knowledge about.  It's also fun photographing people that don't have their picture taken too often.  I enjoy the process of getting to know these people, making them feel comfortable and achieving a nice smile that will hopefully assist them in getting more business.  Recently, this type of work brought me to CTI Towers, a Massachusetts-based company that leases communication towers.  Once again, I was happy to meet some really kind people and learn about their industry, of which I had zero knowledge.  I was hired to get some headshots of their management team and get some candid photos around the office for use on their website, newsletters, etc.  I look forward to the next business I get to work with and learn about another industry.  Please reach out to me if this work is something that can help your business.  Just a few of the photos from the shoot are below. Enjoy the day! -Josh

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