Corporate Life

A lot of my work comes from people looking for something personal like family photos, weddings, dogs, etc., but I also work with businesses and meet some really nice people.  Oftentimes people get stigmas in their heads about certain types of photography and assume that one type is better than another.  I don't feel that way.  Getting to work with a camera and meet interesting people that I would normally not get to meet is a pretty rewarding experience.  So weddings, or product photography, or fashion/editorial photography are all fun and challenging, but I enjoy meeting the people at the offices I go to as well.  They always seem to educate me on a whole new world that I might not have much knowledge about.  It's also fun photographing people that don't have their picture taken too often.  I enjoy the process of getting to know these people, making them feel comfortable and achieving a nice smile that will hopefully assist them in getting more business.  Recently, this type of work brought me to CTI Towers, a Massachusetts-based company that leases communication towers.  Once again, I was happy to meet some really kind people and learn about their industry, of which I had zero knowledge.  I was hired to get some headshots of their management team and get some candid photos around the office for use on their website, newsletters, etc.  I look forward to the next business I get to work with and learn about another industry.  Please reach out to me if this work is something that can help your business.  Just a few of the photos from the shoot are below. Enjoy the day! -Josh

song of the moment: "Gold On The Ceiling" by The Black Keys

Sun Drop

This winter seems more unbearably cold than I can remember recent winters being, but every now and then you get a glimmer of hope and the temperature doesn't start with a 0, 1, 2, or 3 and it hits the 40s! We had one of those days recently in Boston. It may have even hit 50 at one point in the day. Needless to say, I was excited and got to wander the city with my camera and my incredibly patient girlfriend, Angie.  She knows I like to look around and see how the light is playing off of a building, or through a tree, or (her favorite ... right?) shining on her face. On this particular day we were walking midday through dusk and I was really enjoying how the harsh sun was beaming down on the city.  I've included three photos below; all very different from each other.  Angie proved her high level patience once again while we caused a detour on the sidewalk of Boylston Street.  The sun was shining directly through the street blinding everyone walking westward and creating a silhouette of everything.  Typically, one wouldn't want to be photographing a whole lot in this situation, but with using Angie's pretty head as a light shield, I was able to create a nice, heavenly, warm glow around her with the wind blowing and have a "sun star" emerge from her head.  We had a lot of fun and laughs creating the shot.

The other two shots were all about shutter speed. If anybody has seen much of my work, you know I'm a bit obsessed with trees, particularly those that are dead or have lost their leaves for the winter. The sun was a bit higher (midday sun) for the second photo and shining directly through the branches of this hibernating tree.  On these days, I like to experiment and even though I didn't necessarily have to be at a shallow depth of field for this shot, I wanted to be in order to shoot at very high shutter speed that I wouldn't normally have the option of shooting at. 1/6400 of a second was the resulting number and created a nice little flair from the sun and a natural framing from the branches.  The final shot also came from a very faster shutter speed (1/3200 of a second). This time the shallow depth of field was important for my finished product and I wanted to create a shot to look as close to night as I could even though there was still about an hour and half of daylight remaining.  Hopefully you like the result as much I did creating it. Enjoy the day! - Josh


song of the moment: "Love Like A Sunset" by Phoenix

Snow Day!

It's been a cold, snowy winter here in the city of Boston.  That can be a hindrance for some things, but it's a real blessing for many other things.  For me, it's a great opportunity to go out with the camera and see what interests my eye.  I've had some really long days recently working on a variety of photos in Photoshop and watching the world through the window.  I'm not living in a Howard Hughes long fingernail scenario, but I haven't been able to get outside as much as I'd like, so I had to take a quick break from some work and go out with my pal, Canon, and play for a bit. 

I went out in early morning light the day after we were hit with a large storm accumulating to about 12 inches.  There was some really nice light that spoke well to pretty color photography, but I was in the mood for some black and white photos, so I hope you take pleasure in the couple of examples I've placed below.  Enjoy the day!  - Josh


song of the moment: "Snow Day" by Matt Pond PA